Watkins Products



I was a high school teacher at Hammarskjold and PACI for 32 years.  Back in the 70’s,  I became interested in Rawleigh Products and sold  them until the General Manager of Watkins called me and eventually came to Thunder Bay to interview me.  Obviously I was impressed with the products of a company that started in 1868, so I took on the task which I did on weekends and some evenings while continuing my teaching career.  Upon retirement in 2000, I had much more time to develop the business.

I love people.  I believe in and personally use, most of the Watkins line of products.  Our products are concentrated so a customer gets excellent “bang for the buck”.  I have been attending craft shows for at least 25 years now,  20 of these years have been at Hymers Fall Fair every Labour day weekend.  Customers now come to my booth with their shopping lists and tell me ” Here is what I need this year”.  I advise them to enjoy the fair while I make up the order.

I plan to go on selling Watkins Products for the rest of my lifetime.  I am doing what I love and I very much love what I do.

Come and visit me at my table at the Thunder Bay Farmers’ Market.  Always specials on board.